Oscars 2016: The Best diamond Jewelry on the Red Carpet
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Oscars 2016: The Best diamond Jewelry on the Red Carpet

Sparkling diamonds and white metals were the favorite of the 88th Academy Awards red carpet jewelry presentation

 The 88th Academy Awards last Sunday sparkled great diamond jewelry on the red carpet which many of us would like to wear just once in a lifetime. Celebrities wore mostly platinum and other white metals with diamonds that evening. Especially earrings with large chandeliers, diamond necklaces, geometric designs and large diamond drops were the diamond jewelry pieces that were favorite items at the Oscars 2016.

Charlize diamond necklace
Charlize Theron was the winner for diamond jewelry that evening by wearing all platinum diamond pieces that are in total worth $3.7 million! Her diamond necklace of 48-carat that dropped down fully mounted with diamond was the most visual eye-catcher of all. Finishing the look off with diamond earrings of 15.49 carats, cushion cut diamond ring with Micropave, and Micropave diamond band ring of 8.79 carats. But as if that was not enough, Charlize added another queen diamond ring of 7.44 carat to her red outfit to really make it perfect.


Oliva Munn and Lady Gaga Earrings
Charlize is the winner for the diamond jewelry pieces that evening but there were definitely other potential winners in the race. Take for example, Olivia Munn, who appeared with an exceptional snake looking diamond cuff bracelet of 12.06- carat round diamonds worth 1 million USD and Lady Gaga wearing Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings valued at $8 million USD.


Kate Winslet diamond earrings

Or “power woman” Kate Winslet who was amazingly proud of Leonardo who won his first Oscar while wearing an over 39 carat bracelet and 19 carats of colorless diamond earrings, all in white gold. Otherwise, Kerry Washington who wore platinum vintage three row diamond hoop earrings of 42.54 carat with matching 12.02 carat three row platinum diamond ring.

Cate and Julian diamond earrings

If those were not your taste Cate Blanchett and Julianne Moore will cheer you up since those too never disappoint on the red carpet. Blanchett melted the crowd this year with platinum drop earrings with several marquise and round diamonds, platinum starfish cuff with round diamonds and platinum diamond ring with 2.30-carat round diamonds with round diamond border. While Julianne Moore arrived in a black dress and sparkling round hanging earrings mounted with colorless diamonds.

Brilliant, each year the diamond jewelry gets better and each year you think it is not possible to be amazed the next year. But once again, we were amazed and cannot get enough of all the designs. You too? Click here for more diamond jewelry on the Red Carpet

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