Are the engagement ring styles changing?
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Are the engagement ring styles changing?

Find out: the trends in diamond cut, ring metal and design

Sapphire antique engagement ringJust like all things, tastes changes and therefore also the engagement ring styles are changing.  But which diamond cut, ring metal or design is nowadays the running trend for engagement rings? Well according to jewellers there is a significant increase for rose gold and classic ring designs. In addition, antique engagement rings are also making its comeback over the past few years. 

Before the millennium started many countries such as Japan, USA, UK and Europe were demanding platinum and white gold as their engagement ring bands. While this demand remains for white gold and platinum rose gold is getting very favorable. The rose golden rings would most probably remind you of your granny’s jewelry box where you saw those rusty rose golden rings, which is a logical reaction since it is not a long time ago that rose gold was still made with a lot of copper, which gives that rusty hue.  However, the rose gold of these days are softer and more shining, which gives a very warm appearance.  In addition rose gold looks great with yellow gold since the contrast of these two flows easily.

But next to the change in ring metal and design new couples tend to follow celebrities for there choice in engagement ring. Take for example the sapphire engagement ring of Kate and Prince William, after this proposal request for sapphires where highly increasing. Same happened when Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez a pink diamond. But pink diamonds are very expensive since these colored diamonds are very rare to find in nature therefore pink sapphires were very good substitutes for these requests. Another recent example in increase of diamond shape due to celebrities is the engagement ring of Lady GaGa, she received a heart shaped engagement ring. After it went viral the heart shape diamond gained more attention and requests at jewelers.

Which celebrity diamond engagement ring will impress us next time?



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