813 carat diamond most expensive
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The Constellation of 813-carat is world’s most expensive rough diamond

At private Sotheby’s auction the diamond fetched a record diamond price of $63 million

  De Grisogono a Swiss luxury jeweler brought to the show “Biennale des Antiquaires decorative arts” that opened its event last weekend, with the world’s most expensive rough diamond. This diamond that weighs 813-carat, is called the Constellation and got sold for the record diamond price of $63 million. The rough diamond was one of the spectacular pieces at the Biennale des Antiquaires decorative arts in Paris as there were also some spectacular finished jewelry pieces.

813 carat diamond

The 813-carat rough diamond was mined in 2015 from the Karowe Mine in Botswana. Followed up by the purchase at a private Sotheby’s show by Nemesis International, a Dubai trading company. This trading company decided to assign the diamond to de Grisogono so that creator Fawaz Grusio can determine the final creation of the rough diamond. Gruosi did not share or comment on what kind of ideas he has for the world’s most expensive rough diamond but if we look at his previous designs it will be spectacular.

In Paris during the event de Grisogono unveiled several one-of-a-kind rings that each retail more than $1 million in price. Among these rings there was the unique 62-carat ruby and diamond ring shaped as a lovely flower. The ring is 18-karat gold and has a round cut center diamond of 14.18-carat with color grade G and clarity grade VS1. Around the round cut diamond there are 27 pieces of briolette-cut rubies creating an amazing appearance. But that is not all, while you cannot see it that well the ruby ring has 94 white diamonds and 365 rubies that pushes the total to approximately 47 carats. A private collector bought this exceptional piece.

62 carat diamond ring


Besides this eye catcher ring an emerald and diamond ring was gaining attention as it had a 16.05-carat diamond, 16 baguette cut emeralds weighing 3.20 carats topping it off with 116 emeralds and 412 white diamonds! Want to send some attention to this diamond emerald piece too, take a peak below.


16 carat diamond ring

This event in Paris is running until September 18th.

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