Christie’s spring auction presents 80.73 carat cushion cut diamond
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Christie’s spring auction presents 80.73 carat cushion cut diamond

Impressive loose diamonds at Christie’s auction in NYC

Flawless Loose diamondAfter the successful Sotheby’s auction on April 6, Christie’s is set to steal the spotlight with their upcoming auction featuring an 80.74 carat diamond coming April 14. In New York, Christie's is holding their spring auction with magnificent jewels and is projected to achieve a sales total of 40 million US dollar. At this show there are a total of 312 lots that are stunning, rare and magnificent. Some of the highlighted lots are for example the cushion cut diamond weighing a staggering 80.73 carat, the fancy intense purplish pink diamond ring and the amazing D color pear shape diamond. But the 80.73 carat cushion cut diamond is one of the major highlights of the sale at April 14. This cushion cut diamond is K color and has a clarity grade of VS2. Besides that, this beauty has a rare grading of excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmetry. This means that the diamond is extremely rare and will achieve a high sale price. In the pre-sale the estimated sale price of this cushion cut diamond is set between 4 or 5 million USD.

80,73 carat cushion cut diamondThe other highlight certainly worth mentioning is Lot 312: a super rare colored diamond of 5.29 carat that is mounted in a platinum diamond ring. The center colored diamond is graded as a fancy intense purplish pink diamond and is flanked with half-moon cut diamonds. Pushing the pre-sale estimated price way up with estimates between 3.5 – 5 million USD. The shape of this intense purplish pink VS2 stone is a cut cornered rectangular cut diamond which is grouped under fancy cuts. And just when you thought this diamond was unique and rare enough, it gets more interesting...Because this purplish pink diamond is accompanied by a report and supplemental letter of GIA. In the supplemental letter it is stated that the purplish pink diamond is type IIa diamond. This means that it is chemically pure but structurally distorted, imparting that rare color to this purplish pink diamond. By giving this statement, the ring got rarer since such diamonds with these grading are extremely rare and constitute less than 0.1% of all the naturally founded diamond.

Next to these two amazing lots there are still 310 lots that are dazzling and truly breathtaking. But not only diamonds will be sold at this auction also sapphires, rubies and pearls will be seen at this coming auction of Christie’s. Are you already excited?

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