Top 8 most expensive diamond jewelry of previous Academy Awards
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Top 8 most expensive diamond jewelry of previous Academy Awards

Counting days until diamond jewelry appears on 87th academy awards

Jennifer Garner wearing a 200 carat diamond platinum necklaceEvery year you will find yourself counting down the days until the Academy Awards, when every celebrity will look their best and will wear extremely expensive diamond jewelry on that glamorous day. Men will wear the best tuxedo and ladies will be looking beautiful in their dress, including perfect make-up, hairdo, evening purses and most important, diamond jewelry. Even the rare colored diamonds such as blue, pink or yellow will be seen on this day. In addition, celebs can use this perfect occasion to show their engagement ring which they received from their loved ones. Take for example Jennifer Aniston’s amazing diamond engagement ring. The diamond engagement ring is roughly 8 carats. As if 8 carat is not stunning enough, her diamond cut was the popular oval shaped rose cut.

This year it will be the 87th Academy Awards, so we have already seen many impressive and expensive diamond jewelry at previous Academy Awards. While we are counting down the days, here’s a recap of the most expensive diamond jewelry ever seen on the red carpet of the Academy Awards.

Academy Awards top 8 most expensive diamond jewelry

8. A diamond cuff bracelet filled with 2000 diamonds (1 million USD)
In 2012 84th Academy Awards Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on the red carpet like an angel. In an elegant white gown combined with a stunning diamond cuff bracelet Miss Paltrow stole many hearts. The diamond cuff bracelet is worth 1 million US dollar with 2000 colorless diamonds mounted onto it. The diamond cuff bracelet weighed 163 carats.

7. Diamond watch bracelet matching an emerald and diamond necklace (1.35 million USD)
The actress that was nominated for best supporting actress the 83rd Academy Awards did a good job regarding diamond jewelry. Amy Adams was wearing a colorful necklace and matching watch bracelet with a green emerald and colorless diamonds. Resulting into a total amount of 1.35 million USD. If the green emerald was a green diamond the value of the jewelry would be much higher since green is not found in nature often.

Anne Hathaway diamond necklace weighing 94 carats, with a diamond ring and a 10 carat diamond  pair of earrings.6. A 200 carat diamond necklace (2.5 million USD)
Every girl dreams about a diamond necklace. However, Jennifer Garner took every dream to a
higher level when she appeared at the 85th Academy Awards with a 2.5 million USD diamond necklace.
The diamond necklace was mounted with colorless diamonds weighing almost 200 carat

5. Specially designed yellow diamond necklace (2.5 million USD)
In the Titanic movie, Kate Winslet wore a blue diamond necklace that was based on “The Hope Diamond”. An impressive deep blue diamond which is 45.54 carat. But for the 82nd Academy Awards Kate Winslet did a better job. She did not wear an imitation diamond like in the movie but she had a necklace especially designed for her with a colored diamond. It was an eye-catching yellow diamond necklace with 3 big yellow diamonds that were surrounded by colorless diamonds.

You might think these diamond prices are already mind-blowing, but keep reading and you’ll be surprised at the staggering prices and truly unique diamond jewelry to come.

4. Vintage diamond bracelet (4.5 million USD)
At the 85th Academy Awards, Charlize Theron showed off her vintage diamond jewelry worth more than 4 million US dollar. The colorless diamonds in the vintage diamond bracelet were round shaped, marquise shaped, emerald shaped and cushion shaped.

3. A stunning custom made diamond necklace (7 million USD)
Nicole Kidman is a beautiful lady with a great feeling for fashion. She made it as third in the top 8 most expensive jewelry on Academy Awards. Because at the 80th Academy Awards she impressed us with a custom made diamond necklace worth 7 million US dollar. The necklace was handcrafted with over 7.500 rough, faceted and polished loose diamonds that shined bright on her.

2. A 10 million US dollar necklace worn by Anne Hathaway (10 million USD)
In 2011 Anne Hathaway co-hosted the 83rd Academy Awards with actor James Franco. Since she would be in the spotlights the whole evening she wore a memorable and mind blowing jewelry piece. Anna Hathaway chose to wear a 94-carat necklace together with a romantic and elegant red dress. The diamond necklace is number two in the top 8 most expensive diamond jewelry because it is worth 10 million US dollar.

1. Extremely rare and expensive blue diamond necklace (20 million USD)
Gloria Stuart wore the most expensive diamond jewelry of all Academy Awards. The necklace had a 15 carat blue diamond that was breathtaking. Not only because blue diamonds are one of the rarest colored diamonds in the world but also because it had a deep color and weighed 15 carat. Gloria Stuart made the 70th Academy Awards memorable by wearing the most expensive diamond jewelry of all time on Academy Awards history.

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