Large loose diamond weighing 76.07 carat mined in Russia
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Large loose diamond weighing 76.07 carat mined in Russia

Amazing carat size since diamonds are becoming rarer these days

76.07 carat diamond octahedral shapeRecently the diamond industry gained another large loose diamond from the Russian mines. This loose diamond that has been found is 76.07 carat and is octahedral in shape. In addition, this large diamond is a colorless diamond instead of a colored diamond. If the diamond was a colored diamond than the value would be much higher than it is already estimated. This is because of the unique and long color formation the diamond will go through. Examples of possible colored diamond colors are, pink, blue, red, green, yellow or brown. Whereby, yellow diamonds are seen more often than blue, red or green. However, this diamond is not colored but transparent with a bit of yellowish hue with an estimated worth of $430.000 USD.

Next to the color and carat size, diamonds get their value from the other two C’s of the famous 4C’s measurement tool invented by GIA (gemological Institute of America), clarity and cut. Since the diamond is not cut yet, we can only say that it has small inclusions and olivine in the periphery. But for the cutting of the rough, we still have to see who will buy the diamond at the auction and turn it into a diamond shape.

In which diamond shape do you think this 76.07 carat diamond will eventually be cut?


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