A 51.35-carat D Color diamond fetched millions at Christie’s
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Auction Results: A 51.35-carat D Color diamond fetched millions at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels

Not only sparkling diamonds reached high prices as a cushion-cut blue sapphire ring got sold for $3.8 million

   In these past and upcoming days auction houses Sotheby, Christie’s or Bonhams are having magnificent auctions with rare gemstones such as the 51.35-carat diamond. This rare rectangular cut diamond led the Magnificent Jewels auction of Christies in New York by fetching a stunning $5.6 million.
The auctioneer had in total 318 lots with estimated prices ranging from $5.000 to $5.000.000 USD. Among the highlights there were diamonds, colored diamonds, gemstones, natural and cultured pearls that were piece by piece unique. In addition, this auction had prestigious private collection items of the Blair Family. But that was not the only highlight that made this Magnificent Jewels auction special, these lots are so worth a throwback to 3 amazing lots:


The Highest Graded colorless 51.35 carat diamond
Realized price $5.6M

51.35 carat diamond
This diamond is graded with the highest color grade for colorless diamonds possible, D-color. In addition, the diamond has a clarity rate of VVS1 and the diamond is determined to be a Type IIa diamond making this large diamond very valuable as 1, diamonds almost never come in this size and 2, definitely not with that high color and 3, Type IIa diamonds are extremely rare. No wonder that this loose diamond got sold for $108,423 per carat.

An Art Deco Green Emerald & Diamond Ring made by Cartier
Realized price $1.1M

Green Emerald & Diamond Ring
An octagonal-shaped green emerald set in a bezel ring setting caught the audience its eye. The emerald ring surpassed its estimated price of max $70.000 USD by fetching more than a million. In addition, the platinum ring has on the gallery and shoulders single and old cut diamonds. The emerald is accompanied by an AGL (American Gemological Laboratories) report that states the origin of the emerald is Colombia and that there is insignificant clarity enhancement.

A Sensational Blue Sapphire
Realized Price $3.8 M

Blue Sapphire
The 75.41-carats cushion- cut sapphire with no gemological evidence of heat or clarity enhancement fetched an amazing price. Yet it was not as high as the max of the estimated price of 5M.

This sapphire is accompanied by an AGL report that states it is from Burma. In addition, the sapphire has photographs, charts and information attesting to the unique features of this rare sapphire. Such as “this gemstone displays a richly saturated and homogenous royal blue color and the pleasant shape and finely proportioned cut provides many vivid, internal color reflections while the high clarity of the gemstone makes it partially eye-clean!

Each of these three jewelry items is unique and very different from each other. Which one do you like the best?
May you not like one of these 3 items, check out this link with a selection of lots that were featured Dec 7

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