5 trendy diamond cuts for Engagement rings in 2015
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Find out the 5 diamond cuts that are trending, engagement rings of 2015

Fancy shaped diamonds such as princess cut or cushion cut are taking over the engagement rings

5 trendy cuts for engagement ringsAre you looking around for engagement rings and you don't know where to start? Let us help you by informing you about new trends that came out regarding the 5 trending diamond cuts for engagement rings this 2015. It could be that these styles will help you to go for the right direction of your perfect engagement ring.

That we want to stand out of the crowd is shown in previous news releases by saying that extravagant jewelry is gaining popularity. Now in the trending 5 engagement ring styles we see this behavior coming back again. Engagement rings a couple years ago were mostly round cut diamonds, but now increasingly we see fancy shapes. Therefore the 5 trending engagement rings are mounted with not round cut diamonds but cushion, princess, marquise, emerald or Asscher.

Trending cushion cut engagement ring for 2015The cushion cut engagement ring is one of the most popular and stylish choices these days. The cushion cut diamond has a soft shape but a cutting that makes the diamonds sparkle beautifully. In addition, the cushion cut has a modern look that looks good as a solitaire or halo setting engagement ring. The other engagement ring trend has a diamond shape that is sometimes referred to as a square modified brilliant, the princess cut. The princess cut engagement ring has a more extravagant appearance because the diamond cut has clean lines and angles but most of all its faceting is similar to a round brilliant. When looking at a princess cut diamond you will see triangular and kite-shape facets radiating from the center which is creating that extravagant appearance.


Next to these cushion cut and princess cut engagement rings that are trending these 2015 there are also the marquise cut engagement ring, emerald cut and Assher cut engagement rings. All three diamond cuts that were not chosen much in the last years but now glittering the engagement rings all in the diamond industry.

A trend to follow for you engagement ring or would you stick to the brilliant winner through the centuries, the round cut diamond engagement ring?

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