41 diamond experts reveal how to choose
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41 diamond experts reveal how they choose and buy diamonds

The consumer oriented diamond buying guide Beyond 4Cs has collected the opinions of 41 diamond experts revealing what they would look for when buying diamonds for themselves. In an extensive interview, diamond experts from Diamond Registry, IDEX Magazine, GIA, EGL, and many jewelry stores are put in the shoes of the consumer to share what would be the top 3 deciding factors for them when purchasing diamonds.

“If I have to choose the three most important factors when buying a diamond, then they are the features you can relate to: the carat size, color and cut,” says President of Diamond Registry Nissan Perla. “The carat size of a diamond is the most obvious characteristic of a diamond; it is something you and everybody else can easily see even at arm’s length. The combination of the color grade together with the cut is what makes a diamond belong to you. For example, only you have that specific color cushion cut that is slightly rectangular.”

“When it comes to your budget,” Nissan Perla adds, “Configuring the varying quality grades of the 4Cs will help you to find a diamond that matches your preference and fits your budget. Make sure that you exclude the middlemen from the process and buy as closely to the source as possible. Look for companies that sell at wholesale prices – which are considerably lower than retail prices due to lower overhead costs and less spending on glossy advertising.”

Compiling all the different answers from the diamond experts, Cut ranked as the number one most important factor. Lab report came in second, followed by budget, followed by seeing the diamond in person, and carat and color ranked 5th on the list.

On a final note, Nissan Perla says that “you may enjoy the technology in your car, but you fall in love with the way it feels like to drive it. With diamonds: carat size, color and cut determine what it feels like to wear it.”

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