TRENDS: Top 3 Diamond Jewelry Trend Predictions for 2016
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TRENDS: Top 3 Diamond Jewelry Trend Predictions for 2016

Diamond jewelry trends are different every year and in 2016 the predictions definitely contain colored diamonds

  Trends for any activity or product come and go, also for diamond jewelry. The diamond jewelry trends that are predicted for 2016 definitely contain colored diamonds, as last year was full with colored gemstones. Take for example, the Blue Moon of Josephine, which is a very rare 13.02-carat intense blue diamond that got sold for record price of more than $48 million USD a day before a intense pink diamond. But next to the fact that colored diamonds are predicted to be one of the top diamond jewelry trends, which trend can we expect more in 2016?

Pink and Blue Colored diamonds

Trend prediction 1: Colored Diamonds and Gemstones

A diamond jewelry that not only shines and sparkles is one that is with colored diamonds or a combination with colored diamonds. These stimulate an extraordinary appearance since it brings contrast and its own feeling. For example, pink diamonds brings up the feeling of sweet love, fairy tail or princesses while yellow enhances joy and energy. Next to the fact it gives contrast and feeling these colored diamonds or gemstones are very rare, especially the very intense colored ones that are not heated or treated. In Mother Nature these colored beauties are very hard to be found and therefore colored gemstones larger than 1 carat are amazingly rare. So next to the fact it looks gorgeous in a diamond jewelry it is a good investment.

Trend prediction 2: Provenance Diamond Jewelry

A provenance diamond jewelry is a diamond with a great story and rich history that should not be under estimated because often it has a (written) track record in books, pictures or notes. Therefore the possibility of buying a diamond jewel that has a great story behind its appearance did attracted many diamond buyers in 2015. This attraction to provenance diamond jewelry is predicted to grow in 2016. The feeling of owning a jewelry piece that once had been on for example a finger of a royal or celebrity can be for some of us an extra reason to buy that diamond jewelry. It will not be only appearance but history as well.

Trend prediction 3: Flexible and transformable diamond jewelry

In 2016 diamond jewelry need to fulfill numerous of functions to meet the desires of the diamond buyer. Depending on the mood or outfit of the diamond buyer the diamond jewelry can meet its wearer’s needs. By the trend of flexible and transformable diamond jewelry the jewelry can be worn on different ways, for example a necklace that could detach a part of necklace of its frame, which can later on be worn as a brooch.

Next to these 3 trend predictions there are many more but looking back to 2015 these top 3 trends will definitely lead the diamond jewelry industry, which one do you like most?


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