29.6 carat blue diamond
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29.6 carat blue diamond

29.6 carat blue diamondThe 29.6 carat blue diamond discovered in the Cullinan mine, owned by Petra Diamonds in South Africa, has been labeled to “be in a class of its own.”


Petra Diamonds explained that the stone has an extraordinary vivid blue hue with unique saturation, tone and clarity. It has a great potential to yield a very high value and importance after the polishing and cutting process.

Its ultimate worth will naturally depend on what buyers are willing to pay for it. However as a promising reference, a 25.5 carat blue diamond was sold by Petra Diamonds in April previous year for $US 16.9 million.

The company declared that this diamond is one of the most outstanding stones found at the Cullinan mine, adding to the importance of this particular mine. In the past, it has produced many of the world’s most exciting diamonds, such as the 3,106 carat stone that was eventually cut up into many different jewelry pieces, forming part of the British crown jewels.

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