12 Carat blue moon cushion cut diamond
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LA Natural History Museum will unveil the extremely rare 12 carat Blue Moon cushion cut diamond

Loose Diamonds for Member Cub THE RESERVEBlue diamonds are one of the rarest gems in the world of diamonds, and the Blue Moon cushion cut diamond just might be the most extraordinary blue diamonds of all. This beautiful 12 carat diamond will make its first and probably only public appearance during an exhibition at the Natural History Museum of LA that will run from September 13 to January 6. What makes this blue diamond truly stand out from all the other blue diamonds is its color saturation and shade, its amazing clarity grade and astonishing carat weight.

The 12 carat cushion cut loose diamond has been graded as fancy vivid with an internally flawless clarity grade by the GIA. Under UV light testing, the blue diamond produced an orangey-red glow for 20 seconds, which is a trait only true and deeply saturated blue diamonds have with no other modifying colors. That’s according to Ms. Gomes, CEO of Cora International - a diamonds and jewelry manufacturer known for working with such extraordinary statement diamonds. “Other blue diamonds may also glow phosphor red, but it doesn’t last as long”, she adds.

The loose diamond was cut from a 29.62 carat rough diamond retrieved from the Cullinan mine in South Africa into a cushion cut diamond. The mine is infamous for producing some of the world’s most compelling blue diamonds. Cora purchased the rough blue diamond for approximately $26 million in February and has cut it to absolute perfection finishing only three weeks ago. The testing results from the GIA came in last Friday on the 22nd, proving the loose diamond to be fancy vivid and internally flawless. Unlike the Hope Diamond, which has a blue color that is deep, dark and rich, the Blue Moon is closer to an aqua blue. In fact, the facets appear as if they are ripples on water. Finally, it’s translucent. You can see clear through the diamond.

The cushion cut makes it most ideal to be used as a brooch or a diamond ring. The largest known fancy vivid, flawless diamond – which is slightly higher than the internally flawless clarity grade the Blue Moon received - is a pear shaped diamond, 13.22 carat purchased by a luxury jewelry brand for $23.8 million at Christie’s Geneva in April.

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