Stunning 100 carat emerald cut diamond ring was sold for 22 million
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Stunning 100 carat emerald cut diamond ring was sold for 22 million at Sotheby’s auction

New York was glittering last Tuesday due to this fancy diamond cut ring

200 carat uncut diamondLast Tuesday in New York a stunning 100 carat emerald cut ring was sold for more than 22 million USD at the Sotheby’s auction. The fancy cut diamond ring was the highlight of the Sotheby’s auction. The diamond ring was sold for an amount so high that the diamond ring set a new record for jewelry auction. The diamond ring was mounted with the most valuable part of the ring, the very rare colorless diamond with a carat weight which is even rarer. A 100 carat diamond, cut into an emerald cut. An emerald cut belongs to one of the most popular fancy shape cuts next to the cushion cut, princess cut and radiant cut diamond. In addition, the 100 carat diamond was graded flawless which means no inclusions nor blemishes or any other sort of visible spots that can be seen with a 10x magnification.

100 carat emerald cut diamond ring sold 22 millionsThe flawless 100 carat emerald cut diamond was originally a 200 carat rough diamond which was mined in southern Africa. After more than a year of studying, the experts cut the perfect 100 carat diamond out of that 200 carat rough diamond material. That it is cut into an emerald cut is quite obvious since in an emerald cut diamond you can see any blemishes or inclusions very well. That is because it is cut into step cut’s making the diamond to have longer lines and less fire than a brilliant cut. The appearance of the diamond is wider and therefore inclusions or lower colors are more noticeable in this diamond cut. Thus, to show that your diamond is flawless and emerald cut is a real cut that shows off the highest clarity grade. In the world only 6 perfect (flawless) 100 carat diamonds have been sold over a time span of 25 years. So you can imagine between all the diamonds you see on the internet and stores a diamond like this is extremely rare. Can you imagine a flawless 100 carat diamond ring on your finger?


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