Are 1 carat diamond rings out of trends
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Are 1 carat diamond rings out of trends? Diamond Registry experts share their new findings

“More clients are requesting information on higher carat diamond prices especially 3 carat diamond rings.”

1 carat diamond ringLovely proposals from couples with a sparkling diamond engagement ring which can be a 1 carat diamond ring or up to 10 carat diamond ring is always a very happy happening all over the world. Even when diamonds have become the symbol of infinite love and most engagement rings are with diamonds the diamond prices are often an obstacle. Diamonds are rare and tagged with a price tag what may make it obvious why more 1 carat diamond rings are being bought. However, that is further from the truth according to Diamond Registry’s experts.

Every day Diamond Registry - a well-established loose diamond wholesale education and pricing platform since 1961 - is receiving diamond requests from all over the world but mainly United States, Australia, England, United Arabic Emirates, China and Switzerland. Based on analyzing the daily requests for a long period the demand for higher carats is in favor. “There have been more clients requesting information on for example a 3 carat diamond ring and high diamond prices than before”. Clients are not holding back when it comes to loose wholesale diamonds, a 3 carat diamond is more often asked for than a 1 carat diamond. In addition, extra diamonds on the ring setting or having side stones next to the center stone is getting more requested. The change of the elegant 1 carat diamond ring to larger and more extravagant appearance is possible due to the new trend in the society. Extravagant jewelry is trending since more people want to catch the eyes of other for that new diamond sparkle, putting a statement and most of all being unique.

On the other hand, statistics show more women are buying their own diamonds since woman have become more financially independent. They become more capable to express and fulfill their own material needs. Women who are buying diamonds for themselves are professionals aged 45 or higher. The average disposable household income of independent woman who are buying diamonds is more than $90,000. Not only are they buying in stores and online, they are also actively involved in diamond jewelry auctions. At Diamond Registry there are many women that come to buy their own diamonds but still engagement rings are bought buy mainly men.

Regardless what the trends are, you will find the perfect diamond for sure. But if you will be buying above that 1 carat diamond ring like the majority of Diamond Registry does is of course up to you.


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