9 carat diamond
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9 carat diamond

9 carat diamond jewelry is not only for royalty anymore

The beautiful 9 carat diamond shines with mystery

Famous cushion cut vivid purplish-pink 9 carat diamond ringThe larger diamonds are the rarer they are, and the origins of a 9 carat diamond are often surrounded by mystery. A 9 carat diamond is so big, it could even brighten up the room as you enter wearing a diamond of that size, sparkling and glistening with that glamorous look. It used to be so that celebrities and royalty would only be able to wear a 9 carat diamond fancy ring, but through the Diamond Registry diamond purchasing platform, diamonds this size at much better prices are easier to find. What the platform does is simple, it connects you to the worldwide inventory of wholesale loose diamonds, where you access manufacturers and cutters that put up a 9 carat diamond ring for sale. You buy diamonds before they reach the retail jewelry shops, and therefore save up to 50-60% off retail margins. And that really makes a difference in diamond prices.


Determining the 9 carat diamond ring cost

If you want to know the 9 carat diamond ring price, you start with loose diamond prices, then add design to the pricing and that’s how you see the total 9 carat diamond ring cost. Buying loose diamonds is the way professionals buy their diamonds. Sourcing from the wholesale diamond market means you are going to the same source are the retail jewelers do. And cutting out the middlemen is what saves big on big diamonds. 9 Carat diamond prices in September 2015 range between $13,689 and $200,535 per carat. Take note of the Price Per Carat. It is a term used in the wholesale diamond market. That means that if you want to calculate the total diamond price for a 9 carat, you have to multiply the per carat value by 9.

Unique 9 carat jewelry

The purchasing platform of Diamond Registry puts you in touch with your own personal jewelry designers. After you select the perfect 9 carat diamond from the wholesale loose diamond market, you will work together with the in-house designers to create your very own bespoke 9 carat diamond ring, or other type of jewelry. Diamond Registry puts you in full control. You pick the diamond’s specifics such as exact weight, cut, color, clarity and shape and the jewelry design like white gold diamond rings for example. Especially shape for a diamond fancy ring is a very personal choice. With jewelry stores you are bound to the selection they have on hand at that moment, but through the Diamond Registry, all the 9 carat diamonds available worldwide are within your reach.


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