9 carat diamond ring
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9 Carat Diamond Ring

GIA Loose diamonds for
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Loose diamonds means you save big on a 9 carat diamond ring

9 carat diamond ringCreate your own 9 carat diamond ring and save big on retail diamond prices by sourcing the wholesale diamond market and purchasing loose diamonds issued with GIA certification. Quality diamonds of this size are very rare and special, making a 9 carat diamond ring all the more unique and an excellent gift. Accessing the wholesale diamond market means you can purchase loose diamonds at wholesale prices. Wholesale diamond prices are expressed as Per Carat, and need to be multiplied by the total carat weight to express the approximate total price – multiply by 9 for a 9 carat diamond ring. Buying wholesale loose diamonds saves you 50-70% off retail prices essentially increasing your budget. This means your 9 carat diamond ring can be set with a high quality 9 carat diamond.


How to create 9 carat jewelry sourcing loose diamonds

9 carat pear shaped diamond, D color  flawless Whichever type of ring design you would like to get, our highly experienced jewelers can craft any type of 9 carat diamond ring. We are proud to work together with diamond jewelers that have years of experience crafting delicate and beautiful diamond jewelry. You can create your own personalized 9 carat diamond ring once you have selected a diamond from our global inventory of loose diamonds at wholesale prices. We have over 50 years’ experience which enables you to source the finest loose diamonds from the wholesale diamond market for your 9 carat diamond ring. All our diamonds accommodated with GIA certification safeguarding the highest diamond quality grading standards.

Wide variety of ring designs for your 9 carat diamond ring

Buying a 9 carat diamond ring presents you with an endless variety of ring designs options. The 9 carat diamond itself already offers a lot of different options. Consider how different a 9 carat diamond ring looks when mounted with a princess cut diamond or a pear shape diamond. For the diamond ring you need to select between ring settings, precious metals such as yellow gold or white gold and other design options such as shoulder diamonds or additional decorative details. Maybe you would like your 9 carat diamond ring to be graced with 9 shoulder stones to celebrate your 9 year anniversary. Whichever ring design you have in mind, you can have a bespoke 9 carat diamond at a much better price than retail jewelry – that’s a fact.


Expert advice: Buy GIA wholesale loose diamonds

All types of jewelry are available for your 9 carat diamond ring, whether it’s for wedding rings, engagement rings, promise rings or any other type of diamond jewelry. Established in 1961, The Diamond Registry has over 50 years’ experience which provides you with access to our global network of loose diamonds available at wholesale diamond prices. All our wholesale diamonds are accommodated with GIA certification, ensuring you buy loose diamonds that have been graded using the highest and most accurate diamond grading standards. Sourcing the wholesale diamond market offers a very straightforward benefit: you can buy loose diamonds and create bespoke diamond jewelry at a much better price than retail diamond prices. Get in touch with our wholesale diamond experts to pick your ideal GIA loose diamond to be mounted onto your 9 carat diamond ring.



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