8 carat diamond
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8 carat diamond

Feeling the difference of wearing an 8 carat diamond ring

The 8 carat diamond facts

Giving your loved one an 8 carat diamond will definitely create a memory that will last forever. By only wearing an 8 carat diamond ring you can feel the difference in value but also in appearance. An 8 carat diamond with a weight of 1.6 grams is definitely sensible on your finger. It has an incredible 13.0mm table size if it is a round cut diamond.

What is the 8 carat diamond price

Famous 8 carat diamond ringAn 8 carat diamond is a very rare carat size. In nature it is more common to find smaller carat sizes around 1 to 2 carats. The chances of uncovering an 8 carat diamond is very small therefore the 8 carat diamond price ranges from 12,444 USD to 185,681 USD Per Carat. This is the way we calculate wholesale diamond prices. If you would calculate the 8 carat diamond price in total, you have to multiply the Per Carat amount by 8.
When buying an 8 carat diamond at a wholesaler you will be working with a diamond price chart. This diamond price chart is separate for each diamond carat size since prices differ per carat size. In addition it will state fancy cut or round cut diamond since the prices for round diamonds are more expensive than fancy shapes. To calculate the 8 carat diamond ring price of the design you fancy, Diamond Registry has in-house jewelers who can help you estimate by checking the market prices for the ring metal and the price of the design.

The 3 good-looking 8 carat diamond jewelry settings

The purchasing platform of Diamond Registry puts you in touch with your own personal jewelry designers. After you select the perfect 8 carat diamond from the wholesale loose diamond market, you will work together with the in-house designers to create your very own bespoke 8 carat diamond ring, or other type of jewelry. Diamond Registry puts you in full control. You pick the diamond’s specifics such as exact weight, cut, color, clarity and shape and the jewelry design like white gold diamond rings for example. Especially shape for a diamond fancy ring is a very personal choice. With jewelry stores you are bound to the selection they have on hand at that moment, but through the Diamond Registry, all the 9 carat diamonds available worldwide are within your reach.

Larger diamonds such as an 8 carat diamond will look good on their own but some jewelry settings can emphasis its sparkle. Take for example an 8 carat diamond necklace which centers the 8 carat in the middle of your chest. People will look into your eyes to greet you but later the eyes will be dragged to that sparkling piece of jewelry on your neck. Therefore an 8 carat diamond is more often seen in pendants than as a 8 carat diamond ring. Not taking away that it gives an impressive feeling while wearing an 8 carat on your finger. However, next to the necklace and ring an 8 carat diamond looks good as droplet earrings.

The weight is not too much but the appearance while wearing it in your ears is magnificent. Which of the 3 good looking 8 carat diamond jewelry settings do you prefer?


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