8 carat diamond ring
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8 Carat Diamond Ring

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Wholesale diamonds: save big on an 8 carat diamond ring

8 carat diamond ring D flawlessSource the wholesale diamond market and purchase loose diamonds to create your own 8 carat diamond ring and save big on retail prices. An 8 carat diamond ring is truly a beautiful gift and loose diamonds of this size are very rare indeed. Sourcing the wholesale diamond market allows you to purchase loose diamonds at wholesale prices. This means that you buy diamonds like wholesale diamond experts: cut out the middlemen, save between 50 -70% off retail margins and mount loose diamonds onto jewelry. Essentially this increases your budget which means you can look for high quality diamonds for your 8 carat diamond ring.





Creating jewelry with wholesale loose diamonds

Antique 8 carat diamond ringThe Diamond Registry is proud to collaborate with highly experienced jewelers that can craft your 8 carat diamond ring, whichever type of ring design you have in mind. Through a longstanding tradition of diamond jewelry craftsmanship, our jewelers have experience with the most intricate and delicate diamond ring designs. Our wholesale diamond experts enable you to find loose diamonds from the wholesale diamonds market. Once you have selected a diamond for your 8 carat diamond ring, you will be able to create your own bespoke diamond ring together with our jewelers. You have the option to have a personalized 8 carat diamond ring at a better price than finished retail jewelry – the choice is easy.

Designs of any kind for your 8 carat diamond ring

The ring design options for an 8 carat diamond ring are practically endless. The 8 carat diamond alone presents a wide variety of diamond quality variations. The diamond shape is the biggest element of your 8 carat diamond ring design, as a princess shape will give the ring a complete different look when compared to a round cut or emerald cut diamond. For the ring itself, you have to select your preferred ring settings, precious metal and additional elements such as shoulder stones or intricate details on the ring shank. Perhaps you are looking for an 8 carat diamond ring with 8 shoulder diamonds to celebrate your 8 year anniversary, or rather 1 carat for every one of your children.


Take it from the experts: source GIA wholesale diamonds

Whether you’re looking for an 8 carat diamond ring for engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond earrings or any other type of jewelry, with our 50+ years’ experience we strongly advise you to buy loose wholesale diamonds with GIA certification. Through the Diamond Registry you gain access to our global network of loose diamonds available at wholesale prices. The wholesale diamond market provides you the benefit of saving on retail margins and creating bespoke diamond jewelry with loose diamonds – still at a better price than finished retail jewelry. Consult our wholesale diamond experts to select a GIA certified diamond for your 8 carat diamond ring and get started on creating a ring that is uniquely yours.



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