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8 carat diamond
ring price

The most amazing 8 carat engagement ring

An 8 carat diamond ring is very special

Most of the loose diamonds found today in nature are smaller in size, usually below 1 or 2 carat. Where the really big diamonds you in auctions come from, or how they’re formed, remains largely a mystery. And that mystery only intensifies when talking about a diamond as big as the 8 carat diamond. The 8 carat diamond is one of the most rare diamonds to find in nature. So it makes sense that the 8 carat diamond ring price is very high, because the 8 carat diamond also needs to be of good quality. However, with the Diamond Registry, you’ll be able to source the loose diamonds from the wholesale diamond market and find the absolute best 8 carat diamond ring price available worldwide.

Buying wholesale 8 carat diamonds

This 8 carat diamond ring price is far beyond usual pricesSo what does it mean to buy loose diamonds from the wholesale market? Buying wholesale diamonds means that you get diamonds before they enter retail diamond shops. That way we save you 50-80% off retail prices. Looking at the 8 carat diamond ring price you likely saw in retail stores, you can see that it can save you a lot of money. Through our diamond expert purchasing service, the 8 carat diamond ring price doesn’t have to be beyond your budget. So you can finally get the 8 carat diamond ring price you’ve always wanted. Wholesale diamond prices per carat for an 8 carat diamond range from $16,820 to $224,58. These prices are noted as per carat, multiply the per carat value by 8 to calculate the full 8 carat diamond price.




Buying unique 8 carat diamond jewelry

With the Diamond Registry, it’s really easy to create your own 8 carat diamond engagement ring, or other type of jewelry. We have in-house jewelry designers that will help you to design and create your very own unique 8 carat diamond jewelry. Having worked with many clients from all over the world, no design is too complicated or intricate for them.

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