7 carat diamond
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7 carat diamond

Finding the perfect 7 carat diamond ring price

The 7 carat diamond ring is a statement piece

7 carat diamond ring solitaireThe 7 carat diamond is extremely rare and beautiful, nobody would argue about it being a true statement jewelry. Celebrities and royalty are usually the type of people that wear a 7 carat diamond ring, but following these guidelines, you can afford to buy a 7 carat diamond as well. And it’s not even that difficult, it’s simply a matter of buying diamonds like professionals do, and source the wholesale diamond market of loose diamonds. While we emphasize the size of a 7 carat diamond, you should know that carat is actually a unit of weight. It is simply an indication of size as size increases together with weight. Measuring the diameter of the table, the 7 carat diamond ring actual size is 12.4mm. Carat is one of the 4Cs, the other 3 being cut, clarity and color. Together, the 4Cs will help you determine the diamond prices for all diamonds on available on the wholesale diamond market.


Calculating the price for a 7 carat diamond ring

Looking for a 7 carat diamond engagement ring? Or rather a 7 carat center stone for your diamond pendant? You might have been drawn to the mysterious glow of a 7 carat diamond but put off by the price you saw in diamond shops. Then it’s time you learn how to buy diamonds sourcing the wholesale diamond market. It’s the way professionals buy their diamonds, it’s where the retailers get their 7 carat diamonds from, and where manufacturers offer a 7 carat diamond ring for sale. Buying diamonds before they hit the retail market saves you up to 50-60% off retail margins. That adds up for the 7.5 carat diamond ring price! As of September 2015, wholesale loose 7 carat diamonds range between $11,313 and $171,927 per carat. It is very important that you understand wholesale diamond prices are notes at per carat. That means you need to multiply the per carat value by the total carat weight to calculate the total diamond price. In this case, multiply by 7. So if you are looking for a 7/8 carat diamond ring, multiply the value by 7.8 to see the total loose diamond price.

Making a 7 carat diamond ring

When you buy a loose diamond through the purchasing platform of Diamond Registry, not only do you source the wholesale diamond market, you also get to work with your own personally dedicated jewelry designers. Together with the in-house designers, you will get to create your very own bespoke 7 carat diamond ring, or other type of jewelry. After you choose the diamond specifics such as exact weight, 4Cs and diamond shape, you work with the jewelers on the design for your ring. Now that’s a true statement piece, a 7 carat diamond ring designed especially for you. With the Diamond Registry, you are in full control of the price and design. Ask for a free quote to get in touch with your personal diamond consultant to see which 7 carat diamonds are available worldwide right now.


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