7 carat diamond ring
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7 Carat Diamond Ring

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Wearing a rare diamond carat size

7 carat diamond ring Emerald VintageA 7 carat diamond ring is not seen so often due to the rarity of the diamond size. Fewer than 20 percent of all the loose diamonds that are found in nature are true gem quality, and will weigh 1 or 2 carats. So if you wear a 7 carat diamond ring you will be wearing a very rare diamond size. However, in the wholesale diamonds inventory it is possible to find several diamonds for your 7 carat diamond ring.





Stunning 7 carat diamond ring setting combinations

7 carat diamond ring for Amald by George ClooneyEach special occasion which is a cheerful occasion will match with a 7 carat diamond ring. The diamond, if it is cut into the right proportions will catch and redirect the light back through the table of the diamond, making the light appear in a rainbow of colors. Every 7 carat diamond ring can look very differently than the next one through diamond shape, diamond color, diamond ring setting or ring metal.

Very favorable ring setting combinations for a 7 carat diamond ring is definitely the combination between cushion cut, pear cut and triple stone setting or prong setting. Reasons why the cushion cut and oval cut is very favorable for a 7 carat diamond ring is because one can enlarge the brilliance of the diamond and the other diamond shape makes the diamond appear larger since it is an elongated shape. The triple stone setting and prong setting are ring settings that are often seen for a 7 carat diamond ring. The triple stone setting allows you to have different diamond colors, diamond shapes in the ring. But a triple stone setting also empowers the 7 carat diamond center stone. Because of this, a 7 carat diamond ring will also look beautiful and perfect with a halo setting. If you want to give the 7 carat diamond all the attention you can choose a prong setting. The diamond in your 7 carat diamond ring will be held on its place by a little claw which contains 4, 6 or 8 arms. And if you want your 7 carat diamond ring to be even more special, it is possible to choose a colored diamond, such as pink diamond, yellow diamond, brown, blue or green.


Purchasing the perfect 7 carat diamond ring

Since diamonds are true miracles made by nature and rarely found especially of this size, they are a very powerful symbol of beauty, wealth and invincibility. Only the diamond cut can be influenced by people. The best way to purchase a rare and big diamond for your 7 carat diamond ring, is to look for a 7 carat wholesale diamond. These wholesale diamonds are closer to the natural source, which makes wholesale diamond prices far better than retail diamond prices. However, these wholesale diamonds will not be lower in quality compared to retail diamonds in the market with the same grade, provided you base it on the same diamond certificate – for which we always advise to use GIA certification.

Thus, save yourself a difficult search and money and fill in a free quote to receive the up-to-date wholesale diamond prices for a 7 carat diamond ring. Our wholesale diamond experts can help you to find the GIA certified 7 carat diamond by using the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds. In addition, our in-house jewelers are at your service to help design the best and most beautiful 7 carat diamond ring. Purchasing the perfect 7 carat diamond ring does not have to be difficult or stressful, in fact it will be even be easy with our highly experienced diamond consultants.



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