6 carat diamond
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6 carat diamond

A 6 carat diamond ring on fingers makes you feel like a celebrity

Basic facts about a 6 carat diamond

6 carat diamond on handA 6 carat diamond is a diamond size which can make you feel like a celebrity or a princess. The 6 carat diamond ring on finger catches so much attention and creates for some that self esteem that it makes you feel great. It has a serious weight of 1.32 grams and has a diameter of 11.7 mm if it's a round brilliant cut diamond. When the 6 carat diamond ring is mounted with a marquise shape instead of round the appearance is even larger since it is a long shape.


Does a 6 carat diamond ring fit you

When wearing a 6 carat diamond ring you have to be prepared to have everyone’s eyes on you when entering a party or even your office. The appearance of a 6 carat diamond is so impressive that it is guaranteed that eyes will be looking at your 6 carat diamond on your finger. The ring settings which are very popular with a 6 carat diamond ring are often combined with fancy shape diamonds. For example, radiant cut, cushion cut, oval cut, princess cut and very favourable emerald cut. However, for a 6 carat emerald cut diamond it is very important to have higher clarity and color since in an emerald cut blemishes or inclusions are easily seen. This higher diamond grading makes the 6 carat diamond price much higher. So when you are fine with eyes on your fingers a 6 carat diamond gives you many options in ring designs. Thus, first feel comfortable with the size of a 6 carat diamond and later look for all the diamond ring settings. All the diamond ring settings result in different 6 carat diamond ring price since some have side stones, are heavier in metal or use more valuable metals such as platinum. For the questions how much does a 6 carat diamond ring cost, our in house jewelers can make an indication based on your request. The jewelers have worked in the fine diamond jewelry business for a very long time and know the best places to get the best quality and prices resulting in a good 6 carat diamond ring price.

Calculating the 6 carat diamond price

A 6 carat diamond has a different diamond price than obviously a 3 or 4 carat diamond since the 6 carat diamond is much rarer to find in nature. The diamond price for a 6 carat diamond is at a diamond wholesaler between the 10.285 USD to 159.192 USD. To calculate this diamond wholesale price which can easily be 50 to 60% more beneficial than retail prices, you will calculate according to today's diamond price chart. In the diamond price chart you will see the carat size on top and the diamond shape. Then to calculate the diamond wholesale price for your chosen 6 carat diamond you can look look up the price linked to the diamond color and clarity. Than to calculate the total wholesale diamond price you will have to multiply the price in the chart with the amount of carats since the chart has prices per carat.

So for example if this is the 6 carat diamond price chart for round diamonds and you want an H color VVS2 diamond the price per carat will be 50,371 USD. Then the total diamond price is
50.371 USD multiplied by 6 = 302.226 USD for the total 6 carat. Thus remember, to calculate the wholesale diamond price you will have to multiply the Price Per Carat by the total amount of carats.


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