6 carat diamond ring
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6 Carat Diamond Ring

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Getting all the attention with a 6 carat diamond ring

6 carat diamond ring solitaireBy wearing a 6 carat diamond ring it is guaranteed that everyone’s eyes will be on you. This is simply because a 6 carat diamond has an impressive appearance and is rarely found in nature. Therefore, a 6 carat diamond rings is much rarer than for example a 2 carat diamond ring. But in the wholesale diamond industry it is possible to choose from several diamonds for your 6 carat diamond ring since there is a wide range of wholesale loose diamonds available through our purchasing service. We provide you with access to our global inventory of loose diamonds and wholesale diamonds, all accommodated with GIA certification. With GIA certified diamonds the diamond quality is guaranteed as they uphold the strictest and most accurate diamond grading standards for loose diamonds. On a GIA certificate a diamond buyer can read about the diamond information on a simplified way, including the 4Cs, diamond cut, measurements, fluorescence and much more.


Good diamond shape that matches a 6 carat diamond ring

6 carat diamond ring, D flawless One carat weighs 200 milligrams, so the diamond in a 6 carat diamond ring weighs 1.32 grams. Even if the weight of the center stone stays the same for a 6 carat diamond ring, the shape can change a lot regarding the appearance. In the diamond industry there are several diamond shapes that can influence the appearance of the diamond. For example, princess cut, oval cut, round cut, marquise cut, radiant cut or cushion cut. For a 6 carat diamond ring there are certain diamond shapes that are currently trending such as the cushion cut, pear cut and round cut.

Round cut diamonds are one of the bestselling diamond shapes in the retail and wholesale diamond industry and very suitable for a 6 carat diamond ring. Furthermore, the cushion shaped diamond is also favorable since it has rounded corners and larger facets to make the diamond shine even more. The variation on the traditional round cut diamond, the pear shape sometimes called teardrop is favorable and beautiful in a 6 carat diamond ring since it can make it appear even larger.


Be smart and buy a 6 carat diamond closer to the source

Since a 6 carat diamond ring can help you to be in the center of attention and can make you feel like a princess, it is good to know how to purchase one of your own. Purchasing a 6 carat diamond ring can be much more expensive than you realize. However, a 6 carat diamond can also be much better priced than what most people will you…without compromising on quality and staying with GIA certification. The way to do it is to buy a diamond for your 6 carat diamond ring closer to the source. This means buying loose diamonds sourcing the inventory of wholesale diamonds. Wholesale diamonds are closer to the source because it allows you to buy directly from diamond traders, cutters and manufacturers. Buying wholesale loose diamonds means you cut out the middlemen and their margins. That is why wholesale diamond prices for wholesale diamonds are much lower while quality is exactly the same. By asking for a free quote we can help you find the ideal diamond for your 6 carat diamond ring with GIA certification at wholesale diamond prices. This way you allow yourself to invest in a better diamond within the same budget. Better quality, same price.



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