Top 5 moments with your mom priceless as sparkling diamonds
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Top 5 moments with your mom priceless as sparkling diamonds

Diamonds are rare and very valuable but these moments with your mother are much more valuable than you can imagine

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 Your mother is more valuable than any diamond of the world.May 10th is Mother’s day and on this day many of us reflect and appreciate all the love we've received from our mom, which really is much more valuable than you can ever imagine. Thinking about these priceless moments you've had and will have with your mom, we asked around to see which 5 moments are as priceless as sparkling diamonds.




5 She is honest and will tell you that your outfit looks awful

Oh my, you really look ridiculous in this outfit! Is maybe not the exact words your mother told you but I do believe she said something similar when you asked her opinion. Your mom does not have to pretend or prove herself. The only thing she is concerned about is you. So if that outfit will cause a big laugh at work, she will tell you honestly, just like with any other issue that might occur in your life.

4 Cooks the best meals in town

No matter where you will eat your favorite dish, mom cooks the best in town. Her dish has the perfect amount of spices and it is cooked just the way it has to be. And don’t forget the smile you receive when it's served on the table.

3 Personal doctor when you are sick

Mom, I don’t feel so well can you get me some tea with honey and painkillers? We’ve all had that moment where we weren’t that strong as we wanted to be and where we wouldn’t say no to some motherly love. Her mother instinct comes up and without asking she’ll give you all the love, food, pills, water and rest that you needed to get strong and happy again. We do not know how she does it, but we will forever be thinking when we have fever: I wish my mom was here to make me…

2 Is it middle in the night? She is always available

Can you remember the time you stood there in the heavy rain or your heart was broken by that special person? There is always that one person that is always available to If we have to pay back all the times she picked us up, consulted or helped you out, it will be a long bill. Without exception, she is always available to you.

1 It does not matter where or when...I love our hours-long chats

There is nothing more priceless than an hours-long chat with your mom during for example dinner or a day out. The laughter together when she tells you embarrassing stories about when you were younger or when you tell her about your new lover or job. Whatever the topic is, the hours you two are talking together is something you will maybe not treasure at the moment but regarding many of us, is much more priceless then any diamond you could find.


Enjoy mother’s day

Be nice because you’ve received priceless moments much more valuable than the best and prettiest sparkling Flawless diamonds there are on the market, right? Happy Mother’s Day!



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