5 carat diamond
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5 carat diamond

A diamond with a weight you can really feel

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Step 1: DIAMOND SHAPE: How to choose ?

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The 5 carat diamond is perfect for rings

5 carat diamond engagement ringThe perfect gift for any occasion, a 5 carat diamond ring has a beautiful size with a weight you can actually feel. Round diamonds have their table size standardizes, and a 5 carat diamond has a diameter of 11mm, weighing exactly 1 gram. And in diamond terms, that is big. For that reason, should you prefer a heart shape diamond, a 5 carat diamond is a really good size for that as it allows the cutter enough “room” to make sure the heart shape silhouette is neat and clean. The shape of the lobes are essential for that iconic heart shape. However, regardless of the shape you prefer, a 5 carat diamond has a blinding sparkle that is perfect for special occasions and is sure to turn some heads when you walk past.


The prices for a 5 carat diamond

All diamonds are rare, but they truly start to become auction-worthy rare when you start looking for 5 carat and up. Most diamonds found and sold today are around 1 and 2 carat. And that is reflected in the diamond prices for 5 carat diamonds and up. A 5 carat diamond, when bought at wholesale prices, will range between $9,350 to $147,400 per carat. In the wholesale diamond industry, the price per carat is used to display the different prices for a 5 carat diamond depending on the varying color and clarity quality. To estimate the total price, multiply the per carat value by 5, and you will get an idea of what the 5 carat diamond price should be based on today’s wholesale diamond prices.

Sourcing wholesale diamonds

There is a global network of all the diamonds in the world, the very same used by the fancy retail stores and brands worldwide. Through the Diamond Registry, you gain access to that worldwide inventory of wholesale loose diamonds, and are able to buy those diamonds at the same price as retailers do. That means you skip the retail margins and buy it straight from the source. That’s simply the smartest way to buy diamonds. So ask our diamond experts for a free quote of your specific 5 carat diamond, and we will offer you a wide selection of all the diamonds available in the world today within your budget and according to your specifics.



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