5 Carat Diamond Ring
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5 Carat Diamond Ring

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Craft a personalized 5 carat diamond ring with highly experienced jewelers

5 carat diamond engagement ringCreating your own personal 5 carat diamond ring through the Diamond Registry jewelry services is easy and of the highest quality. All you need to do is select your 5 carat diamond from our worldwide inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds of the finest quality at wholesale prices, and let our jewelers know what diamond jewelry design you have in mind. Our in-house jewelers are highly experienced, and through a rich history of expert craftsmanship have crafted some of the most sophisticated and intricate diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond pendants, necklaces and much more. You might be looking for a 5 carat princess cut engagement ring, or a pair of 5 carat pear shaped diamond earrings – your personal jewelers will create bespoke jewelry that is yours and yours alone.

There are endless possibilities for 5 carat diamond ring designs

halo cut diamond engagement ringWhether you are looking for 5 carat diamond unique engagement rings, matching wedding rings, promise rings or any other type of jewelry, the wide variety of diamond ring design options available to you is essentially limitless. The 5 carat diamond alone offers a wide range of choices. For instance the diamond shape is a big element when designing a 5 carat diamond ring because it forms the face-on appearance of the ring: think about the obvious difference between the contemporary princess cut engagement ring and retro-modern cushion cut engagement rings. Additionally, you could go for the up and coming trend in Hollywood and look for yellow diamond engagement rings. Then you still have the options to enrich your overall diamond ring design with the shape or pattern of the ring band, pear shaped or marquise cut shoulder diamonds. The possibilities are endless, and our jewelers have always met and exceeded expectations, time after time.

Advice from the experts: buy GIA 5 carat loose diamonds at wholesale prices

Enabling you to buy diamonds like professionals do, The Diamond Registry gives you access to the worldwide inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds sourcing diamonds at wholesale prices that are usually inaccessible to the public. Through 50 years of experience, The Diamond Registry has set up the largest network of diamond manufacturers, merchants, cutters and suppliers, which allows our wholesale diamond experts to source the finest loose diamonds at wholesale prices – including GIA certification. Buying loose diamonds at wholesale prices together with our all-round jewelry services, will easily save you up 50-70% off retail prices. Ask for a free quote to receive today’s wholesale prices for your 5 carat diamond ring.

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