4 carat diamond
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4 carat diamond

The 4 carat diamond engagement ring is
the perfect balance between size and appearance

See the difference in size and sparkle of 4 carat diamonds

4 carat diamond ring solitaireIn the diamond industry there are all kinds of diamond sizes and the 4 carat diamond is one of them. This diamond size is perfectly balanced between size and appearance and therefore great for a 4 carat diamond engagement ring. A 4 carat diamond weighs 800 milligrams and for a round cut diamond the diameter of the diamond will be 10.2mm. The number 10.2 mm may sound small but if you will be wearing a 4 carat solitaire diamond ring eyes will see you coming from far. Every move you will make wearing this 4 carat diamond ring on hand will catch others people's attention.


How to calculate the 4 carat diamond price

A 4 carat diamond price can vary due to the quality of the diamond. The varying in quality of each diamond can be determined by the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color and carat). A lower graded color for a diamond can influence the diamond price, just like any other C in the well known 4Cs developed by the GIA. In the 4Cs only cut is influenced by people, the others are made by nature and not controllable.

When value of the diamond is determined the 4 carat diamond price can be calculated in the diamond wholesale by taking the diamond price chart. This diamond price chart separates fancy cut diamonds and round cut diamonds since round cut diamonds are higher in price per carat. Generally the price per carat for a 4 carat diamond ranges from 7.920 USD to 105.270 USD per carat. When carat size is getting higher than 2 carat diamond prices will go up quicker since diamonds from 2 carat are increasingly more rare. But now how to use the diamond price chart to calculate a 4 carat diamond price:
Multiply the price per carat with the carat size. So for example: The average diamond wholesale diamond price of a GIA certified 4 carat diamond G color VVS2 is 45.540 per carat. So the total 4 carat diamond price will be 45.540 x 4 = 182,160 USD.

If you would like to calculate today’s diamond wholesale price for a specific fancy cut or round cut diamond, feel free to ask for a free quote or call our office on +852 2116 5311. When you already know you fancy a 4 carat cushion cut diamond ring we are able to ask our in-house jewelers to contact you and precisely calculate the 4 carat diamond ring price of your personalized ring setting!


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