4 carat diamond ring
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4 Carat Diamond Ring

The perfect carat size
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Design a 4 carat diamond ring with experienced experts

4 carat diamond ringBy creating a 4 carat diamond ring with diamond experts from Diamond Registry you will be ensured to find the ring you were looking for. The diamond experts from Diamond Registry have a wide network which they use to search the worldwide inventory of GIA certified loosed diamonds. In addition we have our own in-house jewelers to design the perfect 4 carat diamond ring. Therefore, the search for a 4 carat diamond to mount in your precious ring is closer than ever. Our experts can also give advice for the suitable diamond shapes. For example, the table of a 4 carat diamond that is cut into a round shape will be 10.40 millimeters. But if you want the diamond to look bigger, it is possible to have a pear shape diamond because then the table of the diamond will be 14.00 millimeters. Another possibility is a marquise shape being 16.00 millimeters. All these aspects can be discussed with the Diamond Registry experts to receive the best 4 carat diamond ring price and result.


Splendid 4 carat diamond ring combinations

4 carat diamond ring princess cutThe size of the 4 carat diamond will be a perfect fit and match for woman fingers. 4 carat diamond rings are favorable engagement rings, wedding rings and promise rings. The ring combinations that can be made with 4 carat diamond rings are endless. Added to this, the jeweler can extend the 4 carat diamond ring combinations by changing for example the diamond color, the ring setting, the ring bands, the diamond shape or the diamond quality. The trending 4 carat diamond ring combinations are mostly in a prong setting or a halo setting. The prong setting puts the 4 carat diamond between the metal claws drawing all the attention in the ring. However, the halo setting stimulates the brightness of the 4 carat diamond ring by empowering the center diamond. The smaller diamonds that encircles the center diamond will make it look even bigger due to the halo effect. If you really want to make your 4 carat diamond ring even more unique, fancy colored diamonds are recommended for your 4 carat diamond ring.


Gain valuable advice from our diamond experts

The Diamond Registry has been active on the diamond market since 1961, giving diamond information and matching diamonds needs to customers is what we do every day. Through 50 years of experience, the network has become one of the largest in the world. It is a network in the diamond industry that contains manufacturers, merchants, suppliers and cutters. By filling in a free quote you can receive today’s wholesale diamond prices for the types of 4 carat diamond rings you desire. You will be working with the best experts from the beginning till the end. Moreover, you can enlarge your budget because the creation of the 4 carat diamond ring is cut into at least two processes, cutting out the retail margin. First, experts will purchase a loose 4 carat diamond for a wholesale price. Secondly, in-house jewelers can mount the diamond into your chosen 4 carat diamond ring.



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