4 carat diamond ring price
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4 Carat Diamond Ring price

Diamond prices for 4 carat diamond rings


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How to choose ?

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4 carat diamond ring price – Start with the diamond

halo cut diamond engagement ringYou need to look for information at the right starting point if you want to find the 4 carat diamond ring price used today. The first step, and most obvious, to finding the 4 carat diamond ring price, is the diamond itself. Carat weight can be used as an indication of the diamond size, but it actually refers to the diamond’s weight. A 4 carat diamond has a diameter of 11mm and weighs 800 milligrams. But there’s a lot more to it than just the weight. When buying a 4 carat diamond, essential elements to look at are diamond color, clarity and cut. Each have their own diamond grading scale, as developed by the GIA. Color ranges from D to Z, clarity from IF to SI3, and cut refers to both cut quality and shape. Common diamond shapes are round diamond, princess cut, cushion cut and emerald cut. Once you understand diamond grading, and have an idea of what would fit in your budget, you can on to the next step. So what’s next on the list for the 4 carat diamond ring price?

4 carat diamond ring price – Now the ring

4 carat diamond ring priceNext up on the list for the 4 carat diamond ring price is the ring. There are endless choices for you to make when it comes to ring design, that is if you create your own rings with Diamond Registry. Some ring settings create the illusion of making the 4 carat diamond look bigger, like the bezel setting or the prong setting. For the ring band, you can choose for white gold, yellow gold or even rose gold. Some people like to add shoulder diamonds to make the 4 carat diamond even more fabulous. Usually shoulder stones are of a much smaller size to really bring out the huge size of the center diamond. The most common shapes for this is the pear shape diamond, as the shape complements most other diamond shapes.



Last step – the diamond price

When it comes to the diamond ring price, we focus on the diamond first. This way you know exactly what you’re paying for. Looking at the diamond price list, you will see the current wholesale diamond prices for 4 carat diamonds, with varying prices based on the different color and clarity degrees. Note that the prices are written as Price Per Carat. This is the way we write prices in the wholesale diamond industry. It means you still need to multiply the Per Carat value by the total amount of carat weight, which is multiplied by 4 in this particular case. To see which diamonds are available worldwide, in the global inventory of loose diamonds, speak with our diamond expert. We allow you access to the very same source used by retailers and jewelers all over the world. That’s the best deal if you’re looking for the 4 carat diamond ring price.




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