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New York -- just made a $350,000 diamond sale - a record for the on-line jewelry sector, and perhaps for any on-line consumer sale.

Armored guards delivered the "twin" diamonds, weighing almost 25 carats to the buyer and his wife who were celebrating their second honeymoon.

The sale is unusual because of its astounding size and because it was made by, a family owned,"clicks and mortar" diamond wholesaler in New York's Diamond Center, and not by any of the big spending,, venture capital-backed Internet sites.

While the average sale on is under $10,000, the site has become celebrated by both large and small buyers for its "price quotes" giving buyers across the country access to New York wholesale market prices for diamonds. Since it has no advertising overhead and gets customers through word of mouth, it saves consumers at least 40% off retail prices.

"This astounding sale shows that people are becoming more comfortable with buying high-value items over the Internet, as long as they trust the people they buy from," said the site's founder, Joseph Schlussel, a New York wholesaler with more than 40 years in the business. "The customer who bought the $350,000 diamonds compared prices of world-famous jewelers, as well as the big Internet mega-sites, before coming across our site. He discovered that we give personalized advice, and don't have big advertising costs. Most importantly, our customers have trusted us for over 40 years."

The buyer's name is confidential because of the Diamond Registry's strict privacy policy. His decision was not based on price alone - but on trust. "I learned from a close friend who purchased a diamond that at you dealt with the principal - not simply a customer service assistant," he said. "When you are buying from, you know the diamond is described accurately, without any misrepresentation or exaggeration."


Founded in 1961, the Diamond Registry is known in the wholesale diamond industry as

"the Diamond Matchmaker," because it fills client's diamond requirements by searching hundreds of sources worldwide, including cutters, importers, dealers and diamond exchanges. Owner Joseph Schlussel, an internationally recognized diamond expert, personally checks each diamond for brilliance, fire and scintillation. He selects the best value with the ultimate diamond-grading instrument - the human eye.

In 1998, the company established, to offer its "diamond match-making" service to consumers, giving private buyers the chance to buy diamonds at prices previously available only to wholesalers. It features a FREE DIAMOND QUOTE.

Clients have the option of viewing the diamond at a jeweler member of Diamond Registry or have the diamond delivered overnight with a full money back guarantee.'s Joseph Schlussel, has been quoted as a diamond authority by the New York Times, CNN and Reader's Digest. His acclaimed monthly newsletter, the Diamond Registry Bulletin, has been published since 1969 . can also be searched for any diamond topic such as,"Why is "D" the top color?
Which of the 4C's is the most Important? Will De Beers Raise Diamond Prices?

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