3 Carat Diamond Ring for engagement
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3 Carat Diamond Ring

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Creating a 3 carat diamond ring with highly experienced jewelers

3 carat diamond engagement ringTo create bespoke 3 carat jewelry, all you need to do is select your ideal 3 carat diamond from our extensive inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds and tell our team of highly experienced jewelers how you want your jewelry designed. Through a longstanding legacy of jewelry craftsmanship and innovating tradition, our team of in-house jewelers have a long history of designing the absolute finest and sophisticated diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond earrings and other jewelry for clients throughout the world. Whether you want a simple 4 prong round diamond solitaire promise ring, the contemporary princess cut engagement ring or retro-modern cushion cut engagement rings with a halo design, your personal jewelers will craft 3 carat jewelry that is uniquely yours.

The limitless possibilities for a 3 carat diamond ring

halo cut diamond engagement ringThe various design options available to you are practically limitless no matter if you are looking for 3 carat diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings or any other diamond jewelry. Just the 3 carat loose diamond alone presents an array of options as the difference between a 3.2 carat diamond and a 3.8 carat diamond is noticeable, as well as the difference between a D color and a K color diamond. The diamond shape however is the largest factor when designing a 3 carat diamond ring, as it determines the face-on appearance of the diamond ring: consider the different look and feel of a princess cut engagement ring and cushion cut engagement rings. Additionally, you can choose to add any details to the diamond ring such as floral patterned ring band, pear shaped shoulder diamonds, Three-Diamond-Ring, rose gold or white gold…and that’s not even half of it.

Insider tip: buy 3 carat loose diamonds at wholesale prices

The smartest way to create your own diamond jewelry, is to access our worldwide inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds available wholesale prices. With over 50 years of experience, The Diamond Registry has set up the vastest network of diamond suppliers and manufacturers through the world, which gives our wholesale diamond experts access to the global selection of loose diamonds – accommodated by GIA certification – all available at wholesale prices. Our wholesale diamond experts enable you to source from avenues inaccessible to the public. Combined with our personal jewelry services of mounting loose diamonds, this will save you 50-70% off retail prices. Ask for a free quote from our wholesale diamond experts to receive today’s wholesale diamond prices for your 3 carat diamond, taking the first step to creating your personalized 3 carat diamond ring.


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