3 carat diamond ring price
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3 carat diamond ring price

A 3 carat loose diamond straight from the source

The 3 carat diamond size has the ideal size

3 carat diamond ring solitaireA lot of people love the look of a 3 carat diamond ring price, mostly for its perfect size. It’s big enough to catch a lot of attention, but small enough to wear on a daily basis for all kinds of occasions. When we say 3 carat, we talk about carat weight and is one of the 4Cs. The other Cs are cut, clarity and color, but carat weight is the most simple factor in determining diamond prices. A common misunderstanding is that carat is a direct indication of diamond size. You should know that a 6 carat diamond is not double the size of a 3 carat diamond. It is obviously bigger, but not double. The same is true for diamond prices. A 6 carat diamond is more than double the price of a 3 carat diamond. That has everything to do with cut, clarity and color and the rarity of the diamond.

Finding the best 3 carat diamond price

Many people love a 3 carat diamond ring or 3 carat diamond earrings not only for the look, but for the price as well. The 3 carat diamond price for wholesale loose diamonds ranges between $6,050 and $84,810 per carat as of September 2015. If you would like to calculate the 3 carat diamond ring price the most of the cost will be the diamond. Therefore lets focus on the 3 carat loose diamond first. In the wholesale diamond industry, we use the Per Carat value. To calculate the full wholesale diamond price, multiply the Per Carat value by the total carat weight, in this case by a factor of 3. You might be interested in getting a 3 carat diamond ring solitaire, or maybe even 3 carat engagement rings. That means that diamond shape is a key thing to focus on, because it determines a lot for the look of your diamond jewelry. For the diamond price list, there are separate lists for round shape diamonds and fancy shape diamonds. So if you’re interested in a 3 carat cushion cut diamond, make sure to look at the fancy shape 3 carat diamond price chart.

When you know the wholesale 3 carat diamond price, the price for the ring at a wholesaler is easy to calculate. There is no interference of retail prices but only the cost for the weight of metal. Thus, actual 3 carat diamond ring price it depends on the 3 carat diamond price and metal weight. Since every 3 carat ring would be a different setting, the weight is different and therefore the price for the ring is different.

Wholesale loose diamonds for jewelry

Buying wholesale diamonds is the best way to create your own unique jewelry. You will have full control of the total 3 carat diamond ring price, or earring prices. You pick the diamond, the design and the certificate. Although, most jewelers agree that the most reliable diamond certificate is the GIA. Gain access to the worldwide inventory of wholesale loose diamonds, all GIA certified, through the Diamond Registry Free Quote service. Once you select the perfect 3 carat loose diamond, our jewelers will work together with you and make the most beautiful diamond jewellery tailor made for you. Source the global wholesale loose diamond market and buy just like the professionals do!

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