2 carat engagement rings
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2 Carat Engagement Rings

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2 carat engagement rings with pink diamonds are beautifulA popular choice for many when they are planning to propose to their partner are 2 carat engagement rings. Both the size and price of 2 carat engagement rings make it the ideal choice for most diamond buyers. Diamond prices for loose diamonds and jewelry are determined by internal quality - the 4Cs - and the rarity of the diamond. 2 carat engagement rings are set with 2 carat diamonds, which are more commonly mined around the world than larger diamonds such as a 5 carat diamond for example. When you are looking for 2 carat engagement rings, around 80% of the cost will be determined by the actual 2 carat diamond. To get the finest 2 carat engagement rings, source 2 carat diamonds from the wholesale diamond market and find diamonds at the best available price.



Source wholesale diamonds for a 2 carat

2 carat engagement rings with a good cut look bigSourcing the wholesale diamond market allows you to find the finest loose diamonds for your 2 carat engagement rings. When you buy a 2 carat diamond from the wholesale diamond market, you essentially buy diamonds before they enter the retail market as finished 2 carat engagement rings and double in price. The Diamond Registry has been publishing wholesale diamond prices since 1961, bringing transparency to diamond prices and enabling the public to buy wholesale diamonds. When you buy wholesale diamonds for 2 carat engagement rings, you will first select your ideal 2 carat diamond from global inventory of loose diamonds. Use the wholesale diamond price list to see which 2 carat diamond would be ideal for you and fits within your budget. When you have an idea, our in-house jewelers will craft the most beautiful diamond engagement ring with your selected 2 carat diamond.


Designs: bespoke diamond rings

Our in-house jewelers have many years’ experience crafting the most exquisite 2 carat engagement rings. Working only with the finest loose diamonds, we have crafted personalized diamond rings and other diamond jewelry for a wide variety of clients worldwide for over 50 years. For your 2 carat diamond engagement rings, the choice is yours when it comes to ring settings, precious metal, shoulder diamonds and any other type of design details. If you don’t have a specific ring design in mind, our jewelry designers can show you examples of other ring designs so you have a better understanding of your options. 2 carat diamond engagement rings can look very different depending on design – consider the difference between a 2 carat princess cut diamond or a cushion cut diamond with halo setting. Ask for a free quote to consult with our wholesale diamond experts to source the finest loose diamonds and talk to our highly experienced diamond jewelers.



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