2 Carat Diamond Ring

2 Carat Diamond Ring

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Create a unique 2 carat diamond ring with experienced jewelers

2 carat diamond engagement ringAll you need to do to create a 2 carat diamond ring that is uniquely yours, is to pick the ideal 2 carat diamond from our global inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices and submit your ring design preferences to our diamond jewelers. Through a longstanding legacy of high quality diamond jewelry, our in-house jewelers have crafted the most intricate and sophisticated diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings and other jewelry for a variety of clients throughout the world. Whether you want a trendy ring design such as cushion cut engagement rings with halo setting or a more traditional round diamond solitaire diamond ring, our highly experienced jewelers will create diamond jewelry of excellent quality.

Endless possibilities for diamond ring designs and diamond jewelry

halo cut diamond engagement ringThe wide variety of jewelry design possibilities available to you when making a 2 carat diamond ring is practically limitless. Our in-house jewelers have years of experience in crafting the most delicate and elegant diamond rings and other jewelry. Only the finest quality loose diamonds and expert craftsmanship will do. When designing a 2 carat diamond ring, there is noticeable difference between a 2.2 carat diamond and a 2.8 carat diamond – both visually and in the price. Diamond shapes can dramatically change the face-on appearance of the diamond ring and is an expression of one’s individuality. Consider the difference between 2 carat cushion cut engagement rings and a princess cut engagement ring. Additionally, you can consider to add shoulder diamonds such as pear shaped diamonds to highlight the 2 carat diamond’s individual beauty.

How to buy 2 carat loose diamonds at wholesale prices

Buying loose diamonds offers you the benefit of full control over the 4Cs of your 2 carat diamond such as the exact carat weight, color, cut and diamond clarity. To create your own 2 carat jewelry, you need to buy loose diamonds and have them mounted separately. Combined with sourcing the wholesale diamond market of GIA certified loose diamonds through our personal diamond sourcing service, this will easily save you 50 -70% off retail prices. Ask our wholesale diamond experts for a Free Quote to receive today’s wholesale prices for you 2 carat diamond and take the first step of creating your very own bespoke diamond jewelry.


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