10 most precious and rare jewels at 2014 auctions
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10 most precious and rare
jewels at 2014 auctions



2014 has seen some amazing loose diamonds and diamond jewelry passing through diamond auction houses across the world. The most significant trend in diamond prices during the past year was the continuous record-breaking performance of colored diamonds and colored diamond jewelry. One after the other, records were set and broken by loose diamonds, blue diamond rings, yellow diamond rings, earrings and pendants. The demand for colored diamonds has driven diamond prices to increase steadily as investors seek out the most amazing colored diamonds. The following list comprises some of the most fantastic diamonds we’ve seen this year.

1 ● The Zoe Diamond

9,75 carat clear blue pear chaped diamondThe clear blue pear shaped diamond of 9.75 carat was sold at a New York auction in November setting a new world record price for precious gemstones. This record was set by a mysterious Hong Kong collector that has bought the blue diamond for more than 32 million US dollars. The buyer of the gemstone named it “The Zoe Diamond



2 ● The Winston Blue

The flawless fancy vivid blue diamond of 13.22 carat cut into a pear shape is named “The Winston Blue”. The price that is paid for this impressive loose diamond is around 24 million US dollar, which is almost 2 million US dollar per carat. The new owner of this diamond is Harry Winston, thus the name of this beautiful blue vivid colored diamond.

3 ● The Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink Diamond

19,54 carat fancy vivid purple-pink diamondColored diamonds are rare, but a 19.54 carat fancy vivid purple-pink diamond is extremely rare. No wonder that this unique diamond ring was sold for more than 17 million US dollars. This diamond received the highest per carat pre sale for any pink diamond to date.



4 ● The Blue Belle of Asia

The Blue Belle of Asia is not a loose diamond, but it is an “ auction record breaker”. The blue sapphire was sold for more than 17 million US dollars, which set the world record price for sapphires. The Blue Belle of Asia is a cushion shape sapphire of 392.52 carat.

5 ● The Graff Vivid Yellow

100,09 carat vivid yellow diamondA fancy vivid yellow diamond of 100.09 carat is named “The Graff Vivid Yellow”. It is the fifth most expensive diamond jewelry piece sold during auction in 2014. The Graff Vivid Yellow was bought for more than 16 million US dollars. This diamond ring holds the world record for yellow diamonds, for now...



6 ● Fancy Vivid Blue and Fancy Vivid Pink ear pendants

6,95 carats fancy vivid blue diamond and 6,79 fancy vivid pink diamondThese ear pendants are mounted with marquise cut diamonds and pear shaped diamonds in the cluster top but suspended with a detachable pear shape fancy vivid blue diamond and a fancy vivid pink diamond . The vivid colored blue diamonds weighs approximately 6.95 carats. This is a bit more than the fancy vivid pink diamond which weighs approximately 6.79 carat. The price ultimately reached during auction in November was more than 15 million US dollars.


7 ● The magnificent cushion brilliant- cut diamond

Number seven on the list of top ten jewels sold at auctions in 2014 is the cushion cut diamond, weighing 70.33 carats. This cushion cut is graded as D color and is accompanied by a GIA diamond grading report. In the report, the diamond is rated with excellent polish and excellent symmetry. The value of this diamond is extremely high as the price paid is more than 14 million US dollars.

8 ● A true clear diamond

This beautiful loose diamond was the best seller during the auction on December 10th. The true clear diamond is a pear shaped D colored diamond of 89.23 carats. This D colored diamond was sold for more than 11 million US dollars.

9 ● An oval cut fancy vivid pink diamond

5,5à oval fancy vivid pink diamondIn June, an oval cut fancy vivid pink diamond was sold during a diamond auction for more than 9 million US dollars. This romantic pink diamond that breaks records and makes hearts beat faster has a VVS1 rating and weighs 5.50 carats.



10 ● The “Graff Ruby”

Even though it is not a diamond, this deeply red ruby gem deserves its place in the 10 most precious jewels sold at auctions in 2014. This cushion shaped ruby weighs 8.62 carats and is accompanied by Gubelin report. In this report the “Graff Ruby” its color is referred to as ‘pigeon blood’ due to its intense red color.


These top 10 jewels are true beauties for a life time

These record-breaking jewels have stolen the hearts of many of us. The diamonds look impressive and as you can see also yield a very rewarding investment potential. This year’s records were set and broken time and again by the most rarest colored loose diamonds. The rarity, uniqueness and amazing colors is what gives those diamonds tremendous value. The diamond prices that were achieved for these diamonds at the auction are driven to the maxim. The price per carat for these loose diamonds does not reflect the diamond prices we usually see. So if you want to purchase your own loose diamond, it is recommended that you have a good understanding of the diamond prices.

Since 1961, The Diamond Registry has been worlds most comprehensive diamond price and information platform as we continue to publish insider diamond price information for colorless and colored diamonds used in the worldwide diamond trade by wholesalers and suppliers. If you wish to receive more information about how and where to buy a diamond, we can provide personal and expert diamond buying advice. Feel free to ask for a free quote and perhaps you will find yourself a life time investment.



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