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1 carat diamond

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The 1 carat diamond size is a very popular choice

1 carat diamond ring solitaireMost diamonds sold today, are 1 carat diamond size. Carat weight is one of the 4Cs and the most simple factor in determining diamond prices. However, you should know that carat size is not a completely accurate term. People often think carat weight is a direct indication of diamond size. But a 3 carat diamond is not three times larger than a 1 carat diamond. It is larger, but not in the same proportions. So diamond carat weight is more of an indirect indication of diamond size. The same goes for diamond prices. The 1 carat diamond cost is three times smaller than a 3 carat diamond. Diamond prices are based on carat weight, but also color, cut and clarity

What is the 1 carat diamond price?

The 1 carat diamond is a popular choice because it is in fact very affordable. The 1 carat diamond price ranges between $3,080 and $26,950 per carat. The Per Carat value is a term we use in the wholesale diamond industry. All diamond prices are noted as Per Carat, and to calculate the full price, the Per Carat value must be multiplied by the total carat weight. So how would that work for the 1 carat diamond price? Simple. If you want 1.58 carat diamond, multiply the Price per carat by 1.58. You will probably be looking to buy loose diamonds for jewelry, and diamond shape is very important for the design of your 1 carat diamond jewelry. The diamond price list is divided into round diamond prices and fancy shape prices. So if you want a princess cut for your 1 carat diamond ring, look at the fancy shape price list. If you want matching round diamonds for your 1 carat diamond earrings, look at the round price list.

Making jewelry with wholesale loose diamonds

Making diamond jewelry buying loose wholesale diamonds is easy. With the Diamond Registry, you have access to the worldwide inventory of currently available 1 carat diamonds (or any other carat weight). You’ll be buying from the same source as jewelers and retailers do, and save big on retail margins! Once you have found the perfect 1 carat loose diamond, the in-house jewelers at Diamond Registry will work together with you to make the most beautiful bespoke diamond rings. Buy diamonds like professionals do, and source the global wholesale loose diamond market!

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