1.5 carat diamond
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1.5 Carat Diamond

Perfect in-between size to balance price and size

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Step 1: DIAMOND SHAPE: How to choose ?

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STEP 2: DIAMOND SIZE: How to choose ?

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This diamond is the right fit if you’re looking to balance price and size

1,5 carat diamond ringMost of the loose diamonds and diamond jewelry sold today are usually between 1 and 2 carat, and a 1.5 carat diamond ring is the perfect size if you want find something with the right size and price. Still being able to wear your ring on a daily basis, but with a decent size for some serious envy. Even though a 6 carat diamond ring is really gorgeous, it is not necessarily the ring your wear on a daily basis. The diamond is very big. But if you want a diamond you can wear every day, but still different than the diamonds most have, a 1.5 carat diamond ring is the perfect choice for you.




Finding its price

Buying diamonds, the best way to make your purchase is to source the wholesale diamond market, and buy loose diamonds. This means that you source the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds available in the world today. The very same inventory jewelers and fancy retail brands make their selection from. You can find the current wholesale loose diamond prices based on today’s prices in our price list. In the industry, we use the Price Per Carat value to show thee diamond prices, which changes depending on the diamond carat, clarity and color grades. It’s very easy to calculate the total price. Just multiply the Price Per Carat value by 1.5.

Create your own diamond ring

Designing your own beautiful diamond ring may sound like a difficult thing to do, but it is not at all. Especially with the proper expert guidance of our n-house diamond jewelry craftsmen. Throug our 50 years’ experience in the diamond jewelry and loose diamond wholesale business, we have created unique diamond jewelry of all sorts for clients all over the world. With the expertise of our in-house jewelry makers, your 1.5 carat diamond jewelry design is only limited by your imagination. Ask for a free quote, find the perfect 1.5 carat loose diamonds and design the jewelry you’ve always wanted.



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